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New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange (NMREX), a statewide initiative


What is Reggio Emilia? A City in Northern Italy that has developed an approach to early learning that sees all children, families and educators as strong, capable and powerful.

Who are we? We are a group of New Mexico educators and families who are inspired by the principles and practices of the Reggio Emilia approach and who are determined to create conditions so that all children have access to excellent early childhood learning experiences.



The New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange (NMREX) is a learning collaborative that promotes the rights and inherent abilities of ALL children, families, educators, and community members through a commitment to innovative educational approaches.


The mission of NMREX is to be guided and inspired by the principles and philosophy of the Reggio Emilia Approach.  We are committed to an ongoing exchange that honors and respects all children and their approaches to learning.  We value and support the expertise of early childhood educators.

To learn more about our mission see About Us.

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Children have the right to imagine. We need to give them full rights of citizenship in life and in society
— Loris Malaguzzi