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About Us


The New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange (NMREX) is a learning collaborative that promotes the rights and inherent abilities of ALL children, families, educators, and community members through a commitment to innovative educational approaches.


The mission of NMREX is to be guided and inspired by the principles and philosophy of the Reggio Emilia Approach. We are committed to an ongoing exchange that honors and respects all children and their approaches to learning. We value and support the expertise of early childhood educators. 

Our learning collaborative exists to:

  • nurture, promote, support, and make connections among our members.
  • inspire and mobilize citizens to advocate for and defend the rights of all children throughout New Mexico.
  • promote the belief that each child is a whole child, valued for his or her uniqueness in an inclusive community.
  • be an influential voice by making learning visible in our New Mexico communities.
  • be a catalyst for innovative education and research that is informed by culture, wonder, and curiosity.
  • promote citizenship and democracy in our educational practices by actively constructing relations, knowledge, feelings, and identities.
  • honor the many languages of children, families, educators, and community members.
Education is an opportunity for the growth and emancipation of the individual and collective; it is a resource for gaining knowledge and for learning to live together; it is a meeting place where freedom, democracy, and solidarity are practiced and where the value of peace is promoted.
— (Indications)

Ways that you can get involved in NM REX

Join one of the following groups:

NMREX Core Group

In the spirit of Reggio Emilia, the core group promotes the mission, vision, and the values of NMREX; unifies the work of the NMREX working groups through communication and coordination, and makes choices for NMREX as a whole.  Members of the Core Group come from all corners of the state, include representation and reports from the different working groups, and meet monthly through conference calls.

NMREX Professional Development Events

Plan and organize Reggio-Inspired professional development events.

NMREX Parent/Educator Aesthetic Group

Parents and educators study, plan and organize explorations of materials, beauty, the environment and learning opportunities for children, educators and families. Plan opportunities for displaying children's work in our communities.


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